“I would not have been able to do it without her.”

I called Jena wanting to lose 15lbs, and I ended up losing 40 and competing in my first Bikini competition! It's been a long and hard journey, but I am so glad I've completed it"

— M.L.

“The level of service at Best You Personal Training is fantastic”

Having been a customer for many years, and having my daughters train as well, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism and knowledge of Jena and her staff.  Jena has helped me work through my injuries, eat healthier, and live a more active lifestyle. Thank you!”

— M.P.


"These people know what they're doing.”

I left Latitude because they didn't care about people...just money. As soon as I found out that it's now an independent business I decided to give them a shot. I love everything about this place! Outstanding and helpful trainers, an awesome class selection, Free play care, and it's super clean! I can't believe they charge less than $60 for an all inclusive membership! I was paying $35+ a class just for spin and yoga in boutique gyms. Supporting small and local businesses is the way to go. These people know what they're doing!

— J.B.


"Best You is extremely clean, awesome staff, and my kids love going to the play care!!!"

— M.S.


"Whatever you want or need in fitness, it's here.
Get a class schedule and come in for a visit."

— K.M.

"I have had many unpleasant personal training experience, but Best You is fantastic."

Jena is such a phenomenal trainer. She pushes hard, but knows what is best for each body. I personally do not enjoy working out that much, but she makes it fun somehow (as far as I'm concerned, that is nearly impossible)! I came into Best You in very poor physical condition, and she patiently works with me and never makes me feel uncomfortable or incapable. I have had many unpleasant personal training experience, but Best You is fantastic. I highly recommended Jena and Best You to anyone looking to bring out the best in themselves!

— S.H.


“I absolutely love coming to this gym.”

I was a member of Latitude (former owner) a few years ago and left because they were just another corporate gym that didn't care about members...only their money. Since the new owners have taken over (Best You) I absolutely love coming to this gym! They have created a positive, non-judgmental atmosphere with super fun classes designed for any fitness level at any age. The trainers are outstanding and work to build both physical and mental strength. I love the feeling of a trendy boutique gym atmosphere but find most of them intimidating (and expensive).  Best You makes you feel just the opposite. A warm, welcoming, encouraging environment with significantly lower prices than all gyms in the surrounding areas. Additionally, they offer FREE PLAY CARE for Moms and Dads who don't have time to use the gym because of their little ones. Did I mention the Starbucks below the gym? One stop shop for me! Highly recommended!

— J.N.

“Best You Personal Training was recommended to me by a my son, who reached his weight loss goal while training with Jena.  The quality of service I have received is outstanding. Jena even came to my house to train me for months while my foot was in a cast! Keep up the good work!”

— D.S.

"I could have never got to where I am without Jena's help, she has given me the strength and encouragement to keep going, and make sure my diet is in check.  She has always provided me with the motivation to make me think that I can do it, and have a healthier life in general."

— A.W.

"The owners take pride in their gym because it is there only gym and they emphasize customer service with a personal touch."

"I was a member of Latitude prior to Best You taking over. The gym is a perfect size with two floors and in downtown Andover. Prices are reasonable and the owners Jen and Evan are usually there if you have questions and or concerns whereas prior owner was hardly ever there.  They now have a daycare and have improved many things in a short period of time.They definitely will continue to improve this facility to make it the best facility in the Andover area. I use the gym everyday, members are courteous as well as all the staff trainers, front desk personnel. Franchises are strictly business. The owners take pride in their gym because it is there only gym and they emphasize customer service with a personal touch."

— R.M.

"I let everyone and everything take priority except myself."

"I was overweight and I had never worked out, but I was lucky enough to get Jena as a trainer.  She has been with me through ups and downs.  Jena has not only given me encouragement, but has shown me through hard work and knowledge that.....You can be the Best You!!!!""

— E.T.