with Charlie Ross

Learn how to build strong healthy
muscle, boost your metabolism, and
free up your tight joints.

Moving weight and moving weight effectively are two totally different animals. I
want to help free up your muscles to make the most of each workout to keep
your body healthy and strong. In turn developing a higher level of fitness and a
more muscular and athletic physique.

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4 Week Session
March 26th-April 20th
Monday & Wednesday @ 7pm
Saturdays @ 8:00a

Members 1x $92 | 2x $176 | 3x $240 
1x $122 | 2x $216 | 3x $290



Charlie Ross

Bachelors of Exercise Science
NCSF Personal Trainer
NCSF Sport Nutrition Specialist
Precision Nutrition Level 1
BLS Provider – American Heart Association
National EMS Certification

Charlie has been in the fitness industry since college while getting his degree in Exercise Science as well as certifications in Personal Training, Nutrition, and Sport Nutrition. Started working with athletes, young and old, primarily on sports performance and injury recovery. After graduating he dived deeper into the field working with various physical therapists, strength conditioning coaches, and nutrition coaches. A firm believer in eliminating muscle imbalances, the proper implementation of strength training, and pushing the body to make real solid changes.  The body can’t change in a day but with enough dedication, the proper amount of guidance, and right amount of sweat Charlie believes that anyone can have their own success story.