ALL LEVEL VINYASA East meets West in this traditional Vinyasa yoga class. A combination of strengthening postures, stretching and deep breathing results in an incredibly exhilarating yet stress releasing workout. Please bring your own mat.

BARRE This ballet influenced workout is a full body workout that uses classic ballet moves combined with Pilates based moves as well as strength training exercises. This fun upbeat class is designed to strengthen and shape the entire body.

CARDIO CONDITIONING This class is a boot camp style class that uniquely integrates interval training techniques and a combination of step sequence/patterns, and drills incorporating Plyo-metrics, delivering an exercise experience that will elevate every participant’s overall health and fitness, and provide a motivational atmosphere that drives you to consistency. Modifications may be used based on level.

CARDIO FLEX A 60 minute blend of resistance, cardio, and plyometric exercises, accessible for all fitness levels.

CARIBBEAN RHYTHM A diverse and challenging new workout. It is a dance class like no other. This class incorporates resistance strength training with dance, making it the perfect body challenge.

HEAVY BAG BOXING BOOT CAMP  A boxing boot camp class benefits anyone craving higher intensity interval training and a total body workout.  Each class consists of a variation of cross-training boxing (utilizing heavy bags), intense ab work, plyometric, multiple martial art basics and techniques utilizing total body movements, increasing speed, strength, reaction time and agility.

LIGHT & FIT A lower intensity class that incorporates strength training, flexibility, and cardio.   

MOVE & GROOVE A multi-level dance aerobic format, a high-energy cardio workout inspired by rhythms from around the world and various dance styles. Dance experience is not required. Repetitive choreography is designed to be a weekly learning process for an easier but still interesting workout!

PILATES This class is a balanced blend of strength and flexibility training that improves posture, reduces stress, and creates lean, long muscles without bulking up. Pilates works several muscle groups simultaneously through smooth, continuous motion -- with concentration on strengthening and stabilizing the core (the abdomen, back, & pelvic girdle region).

POUND In this class you become the music. An exhilarating full-body workout that combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and Pilates inspired movements. Using lightly weighted drum sticks engineered specificaly for exercising, POUND transforms drumming into an incredibly effective way of working out.

SHREDFIT This is an hour long, full body workout proven to burn 500-750 calories.  This unique class, filled with a new-age music soundtrack, combines boot camp, high intensity cardio, muscles and flex, circuit training, and closes out with the "10 minute ab assassination" to help tone and sculpt your mid-section.

SPIN A 45-60 minute ride designed to take you through a mind-body journey using the Techno Gym stationary bikes. Spin is led by instructors who will motivate you through coaching skills and a variety of music. This class if for all fitness levels.

SPIN & STRENGTH  45 minutes of Spin that you love combined with 15 minutes of weight training.

STRENGTH A total body strength workout using a combination of dumbbells, kettle-bells, resistance bands, suspension training, and calisthenics. This class is designed to develop muscle for the optimum functional strength needed in everyday life. This class will increase your metabolism and will increase bone density.

ZUMBA A mix of low intensity and high intensity moves, for an interval style, calorie burning, dance fitness party. Zumba takes the “work” out of workout and brings people together.

ZUMBA®FIT A high intensity Zumba class that stays within a dance format with fast rhythms and moves that engage large muscle groups such as squats and lunges.